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Vacancy Turnover Inspections

Turnover” means the period when a unit changes occupancy from one tenant to another tenant. This does not include temporary relocation of a tenant.

During this turnover period, section 27-2056.8 of Local Law 1 of 2004 requires that property owners of multiple dwellings (three or more units) and private dwellings (one to two units and only the unit that the owner does not occupy) erected prior to 1960 take preventative measures and remedial actions related to lead-based paint.

At the first turnover, an EPA Certified Lead Inspector must XRF the Unit to determine where lead is.

Once an owner knows where lead is present, he/she must shire an EPA Certified lead abatement firm to:

Remove all lead-based paint on friction surfaces on all doors and door frames.

Remove all lead-based paint on friction surfaces on all windows or provide for the installation of replacement window channels or sliders on the friction surfaces.

Remove lead-based paint on chewable surfaces with evidence of teeth marks or encapsulate the surface with a hard, puncture resistant encapsulant.

Removing lead-based paint can mean totally removing the surfaces and replacing them with a new one or fully removing all paint from the surfaces.

Each time there is a turnover (including the first time), an EPA-certified Renovation Firm must:


Remediate all lead-based paint hazards and any such underlying defects, when such underlying defects exist. At a minimum, this would mean wet scrape and paint.

Make all bare floors, windowsills and window wells in the dwelling unit smooth and cleanable.

Note: All work performed at turnover must be followed by dust clearance tests performed by an INDEPENDENT EPA-certified Lead Inspector NOT AFFILIATED with the LEAD Abatement firm who performed abatement of lead.

 Once all lead hazards have been completed.

Certify that you have complied with the turnover requirements in a notice provided to the new occupant as a part of the lease the required lead paint disclosure and the lead paint hazards in the home pamphlet. 

Note: You can apply to have your buildings and / or units become exempt from the above requirements if you submit an Application for Exemption to HPD. You will be required to provide the appropriate documentation that the apartment is Lead Free or Lead Safe.

Turnover work must be performed unless the unit tests negative for lead-based paint. If the owner does have records to show the unit has tested negative for lead-based paint and the testing was completed by an EPA-certified Lead Inspector or Risk Assessor, the owner can apply to HPD for an exemption. A current Lead Free HPD exemption would mean the owner would not have to perform the turnover requirements.

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